Powerful Lottery Filtering And Analysis Tool!

Are you looking for a powerful and easy-to-use lottery number selection tool? LottoGPT is the exceptional lottery number filtering software you need. It not only offers a wide range of system default filtering options but also allows you to effortlessly implement and validate various unique filtering ideas. This is made possible by LottoGPT's convenient customization of various types of filtering conditions, making it easy to achieve what you have in mind! Best of all, LottoGPT is completely free! Download this free and practical software now and start a new lottery number selection experience!

Software usage tutorial

Software Features

Real-time Lottery Number Updates

Each time you open LottoGPT, the software will automatically download the latest lottery numbers, allowing you to effortlessly keep up with recent trends. Additionally, the software supports manual entry updates, providing you with multiple conveniences.

Multi-Type Condition Setting

Through LottoGPT's three core filter condition types—Number Conditions, Formula Types, and Number Group Conditions—users can easily and efficiently tailor-make filtering conditions, perfectly covering all lottery selection needs without the need for complicated settings or technical knowledge.

Comprehensive Chart Statistics

Once you've created filtering conditions, LottoGPT offers intuitive charts and data analytics that allow you to deeply examine the historical performance and trends of these conditions, thus precisely tuning and optimizing your lottery selection strategy.

Condition Verification & Historical Trends

Not only can you apply the created filtering conditions, but you can also validate their historical success rate. This feature enables you to consider and decide on condition settings conveniently.

Number Protection with N-Type Shrinking

LottoGPT's unique "Number Protection with N-Type Shrinking" feature ensures that even when reducing the number of selected tickets, you still have a high probability of hitting the winning numbers.

Intelligent Assistant

Got questions about creating formula-based filtering conditions? The built-in Intelligent Assistant in LottoGPT is always on standby, specifically to answer all your questions about creating and using formula-based filtering conditions, boosting your confidence in customizing your lottery selection strategy.

Download Installation Package (Recommended)

Portable Version

System Requirements: 64-bit Windows operating system.

Usage: No installation required. Simply unzip the files and open "LottoGPT.exe" in the "LottoGPT" directory to run.

Note: For the portable version, please note that you may need to manually set up the .NET 6.0 desktop runtime environment. Additionally, if you are using the Windows 7 operating system, you may need to install the "Windows7_KB2533623-x64.exe" patch first.

Download Portable Version