Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I use LottoGPT?

For those who are new to LottoGPT, simply download the software package from the following link:

After downloading, extract the ZIP file to your desired location. Once extracted, navigate to the LottoGPT directory and double-click on the LottoGPT.exe file to run the application.

Environment Setup:

If you encounter any issues launching LottoGPT, your system might require additional setup:

Ensure you've followed the above guidelines, and LottoGPT should operate without any issues on your system.

How do I update to the latest version?

For users who already have a previous version of LottoGPT, we recommend downloading the updated package:

This package contains only the main software files and excludes the .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime. Once you've downloaded the ZIP file, extract it to your desired location. Navigate to the extracted LottoGPT directory and double-click on the LottoGPT.exe file to start using the latest version.

If you have not set up the .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime from your previous installation, please refer to the environment setup instructions in the previous FAQ section to ensure smooth operation of the software.

How can I contact customer support?

You can reach out to our customer support team through email. Our email address is:

What lottery formats are currently supported, and will there be more in the future?

The current version of LottoGPT supports the following types of lotteries:

  • ToTo Singapore 6/49
  • Oz Lotto
  • Korean Lotto 6/45
  • Japan Lotto 6
  • Japan Lotto 7
  • Japan Mini Loto
  • Taiwan Daily Cash 539
  • Taiwan Lotto 6/49
  • Taiwan Super Lotto 6/38
  • China Double Color Ball
  • China Big Lotto
  • China Seven Lottery
  • Guangdong 36 Selection 7
  • Magnum Life
  • Star ToTo 6/50
  • Power ToTo 6/55
  • Supreme ToTo 6/58

Yes, we plan to expand and support more types of lotteries in future versions.

User Guides

We have detailed user guides for all features of LottoGPT. Read the User Guides.

Contact Information

For further assistance, you can reach out to us: